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University of Entrepreneurship & Technology Research Centre - Nigeria


I nstitute of Company and Commercial Accountants of Nigeria (ICCA), is the only indigenous Accounting Body that has Affiliation Agreement with University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, State of Delaware. USA (www.uet.edu.org) based on Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Cross International Recognition Agreement signed on January 24th, 2010 to train and retrain both Associate and Fellow Members of ICCA on academic, professional and technical knowledge for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degree Certificates in Entrepreneurship, Finance and Accounting, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Business Administration, Auditing, Taxation, Forensic Accounting, etc


UET is a subsidiary research company of ICCA, duly incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission – Abuja RC: 1387826 of January 27th, 2017 as stipulated by the provisions of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, as amended by Cap 21 of Law of Federation 2004. UET Research Centre, Nigeria situated at Okeho, Oyo North of Federal Republic of Nigeria has been equipped with state-of-the-art e-learning classroom with e-library facilities to meet international standard to offer unhindered access to up-to-date publications and journals to aid our members in their research project platform so as to build a reputation based on professionalism and integrity to increase as well as enhance our local and global acceptability.

Aims and Objectives:-
  • To establish University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, NIGERIA in accordance with the rules and regulations guiding the setting up of a private university by National University Commission (NUC) and Federal Ministry of Education – Abuja of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • To establish University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, GHANA as stipulated by the guidelines of National Accreditation Board (NAB) of Republic of Ghana.
  • To establish University of Entrepreneurship & Technology, SIERRA LEONE in accordance with rules and procedures of Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) of Republic of Sierra Leone.
  • To supervise and conduct Research Programs on Courses offered by University of Entrepreneurship & Technology through Project for Bachelor and Master Degrees and Doctoral Thesis Certificates in accordance with MOU.
  • To promote ICCA focused SMEs development for National Economic growth and diversification. Our strength and corporate identity can be smeared if any form of merger, acquisition or consolidation arrangement is allowed. There are many Nigerian populace waiting to be trained, certified and certificated as SMEs Professional Accountants, a discipline being pioneered by ICCA. There is no indigenous Professional Accounting body with a focus on SMEs except ICCA, therefore, Nigeria requires the establishment of an institute to professionalise SMEs Accountants built on Entrepreneurial Skills.
  • To solve the admission problem of which the 152 approved Universities by NUC were unable to admit, prepare such graduates to be self-reliant instead of seeking for unavailable government jobs. The Universities curriculum is designed towards manpower management and for academic purpose while Polytechnics are designed for middleman development. The University of Entrepreneurship & Technology (UET) is designed to fuse academic, manpower management and artisans in order to guide them into specific professional areas of SME’s.

Enrol for your 2016/2017 Academic year now. Contact - Coordinator, UET Research Centre - Africa, Prince Ade Adesina, FCCA on 07039577770 for more detail, unientretech@gmail.com / www.iccanig.org